Sponsor Company Profiles

Shionogi (Japan)

Established in 1882, Shionogi Corporation is one of Japan's leading pharmaceutical companies. Strong commitment to innovative research and a reputation for marketing integrity results in their being a leader in the field of antibiotics. Sponsorship of Team Lotus is consistent for a company operating at the fore-front of technology using state-of-the-art production techniques. Increased visibility will further illustrate Shionogi's important role in producing products that directly improve the health of people throughtout the world.

Hitachi (Japan)

Hitachi is a world leader with extensive interests ranging from the manufacture of domestic electronic equipment to the building of power stations and Tokyo's Bullet Train; from applied robotics to silicon chips and computers. An unrivalled reputation for leading edge research and shrewd investment in new technology is at the heart of its success. It is thus particularly apposite that it has chosen to support Team Lotus, which embraces similar philosophies.

Loctite (USA)

Loctite Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company, is a worldwide market-driven speciality company ranking among the leading suppliers of proprietary high-performance adhesives, sealants, coatings and specialised brand name chemicals. Motorsport has been an integral part of Loctite's commitment to developing the best products for the automobile and manufacturing industry. Sponsorship in motorsports has been a longstanding tradition at Loctite from the early days with the legendary Barney Oldfield right through Richard Noble's 633 mph land speed record with Thrust 2.

Tommy Hilfiger (USA)

Tommy Hilfiger has established himself as one of the most important designers in American fashion. His unique sportswear is seen regularly on televisions "Thirtysomething" and "The Cosby Show". Along with stars such as Mel Gibson and Dustin Hoffman, Team Lotus is now clothed in the stylish designer's New American Classics.

Pepe Jeans, London (UK)

Designing and marketing jeans and fashion jeanwear across the globe, Pepe Jeans is Europe's leading premium jeans brand. With a global advertising campaign in 1994, evoking the spirit of London, captured by cult photographer Bruce Weber, Pepe Jeans see their association with an English Formula One Team as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Mobil Oil Company (USA)

Mobil is a fully integrated, international oil and gas company with exploration, production, marketing, refining and chemical operations in more than 100 countries. Mobil processes crude oil into a wide range of high quality fuels, lubricants and other products at 21 refineries located in 12 countries. The company's fuels retail network comprises nearly 20,000 Mobil-branded service stations in over 50 countries. The extreme conditions in Formula One racing are the ideal showcase for Mobil 1 synthetic lubricant technology.

Komatsu (Japan)

Komatsu Ltd. is a diversified producer of construction equipment and industrial machinery. Intensive research and development and the production application of new technology has fuelled the growth of its annual turnover to over 880,000 million Yen in 1993. Komatsu's sponsorship involves an intimate technical relationship with Team Lotus, assisting with new technology such as pressure sensors, hydraulic pumps, advanced mechatronics and precision machine tools.

Miller (USA)

Miller Brewing Company was founded in Milwaukee in 1855 and is the world's third largest brewer having shipped more than 44 million barrels of beer in 1993. Miller employs approximately 8000 people at seven breweries and several other facilities. Miller products are now available in 70 countries worldwide. Miller is a wholly owned subsidiary of Philip Morris Companies Inc. Miller has sponsored winning teams in all major American racing disciplines over the past 15 years, including Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500 champions.

European (UK)

The European is a weekly major source of news, analysis and commentary, concentrating on European issues and the effects of world affairs on Europeans. Editorial management is based in London, using staff bureaux and correspondents throughtout the world. Contributions from European political and business leaders are a particular feature of the European. The paper has achieved widespread recognition winning many awards for journalistic excellence.

Tamiya (Japan)

Tamiya Plastic Model Company is the world's leading plastic model manufacturer. The sponsorship of Team Lotus is consistent with their reputation for leading the modelling industry in terms of technology, new products and high quality.

Frazer-Nash Technology (UK)

Frazer-Nash Technology Ltd. was formed from the Technology Division of the original Frazer-Nash Group, which has a history of involvement in motorsport from the 1920s. Frazer-Nash Technology today retains the expertise in mechanical and industrial systems engineering and electronic design built up over many years.


With additional assistance from their affiliated companies in Japan, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Australia and France, NGK UK are continuing their long-standing support of the team together with the supply of racing spark plugs and technical support.

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