Privacy Policy

Snowmoose Software Privacy Policy

Data Collected 

Snowmoose Software does not knowingly collect any data from its users. All of the rally software offered by Snowmoose Software (ATC Calc, ATC Calc Plus, Cent Watch, Finish Time) do not send any information off of the device that it is running on (unless the application crashes and associated files are sent to us by Apple to diagnose the problem). Snowmoose Software also offers the BHP (British History Podcast) app, which may send user-supplied authentication info to the BHP website to access member-only content. Aside from these two cases identified above, Snowmoose Software does not make use of user data. 

Third Parties 

The only third party that Snowmoose Software shares user data with is the British History Podcast/Jamie Jeffers and that only applies to the BHP app and only applies when the app is running and accessing member-only content on the BHP web site. The user data shared is authentication info provided to the user by the BHP. This user data is kept on the device that the application is running on and is never seen by Snowmoose Software. 

There is no third party access to user data with the Snowmoose Software rally software. 

Data Retention 

Snowmoose Software does not retain user data. The only way that Snowmoose Software would obtain user data is through crash files or other information supplied by a user to resolve a specific problem. Once the problem is resolved, the user data that Snowmoose Software has is deleted.