Vintage Computers

I collect and occasionally exhibit vintage computers, most Sun sun4c and sun4m systems.


  • 2018 Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest – Sun “lunchbox” systems. Featured Sun workstations in the small footprint “lunchbox” form factor, the SPARCstation IPC, IPX, classic, and LX, as well as a RDI BriteLite IPX, a portable computer based on an IPX system board.
  • 2019 Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest – Attack of the SPARC Clones. Featured SPARC computers from companies other than Sun, specifically a Solbourne IDT S4000DX (Panasonic-fab’ed and branded KAP processor), an Axil 320 (a SPARCstation 20 clone that uses SPARCstation 10 components), a SPARCstation 20 (with dual Ross hyperSPARC processors), and a Tadpole SPARCbook.


  • Sun SPARCstation IPC (running SunOS 4.1.4)
  • Sun SPARCstation IPX (running Solaris 2.6)
  • Sun SPARCstation classic (running OpenBSD)
  • Sun SPARCstation LX (running Linux 2.0.36)
  • Sun SPARCstation 5 (running OPENSTEP 4.2)
  • Sun SPARCstation 20 (running Solaris 2.6)
  • Axil 320 (running OPENSTEP 4.2)
  • Tadpole SPARCbook 3000XT (running Solaris)
  • Sun 3/260 (under restoration)
  • Apple PowerBook 540c (running MacOS 7.5)

For Sale

  • RDI BriteLite IPX
  • Solbourne IDT S4000DX